Continuing the reduction of my clothes by 50%, I decided to tackle my drawers, so t-shirts, jumpers, scarves (I own a lot!) and underwear. Recently I went through my hanging clothes and put the least worn in my second wardrobe. I found that I did not really need them and have since donated them. But there was still more to do. After reading the Marie Kondo books I decided to reorganise my drawers with the following results:

My t-shirt and scarf drawer looked like this:

T-shirt and scarf drawer

What I like about this method is that I can see everything clearly whereas before things could get forgotten at the bottom of the various piles that I previously had. I put long sleeved t-shirts on the left-hand side of the drawer, followed by short sleeved t-shirts, sleeveless t-shirts, shorts and sport t-shirts and finally scarves on the right.

My underwear drawer looked like this:

Socks and Underwear
Nightwear and yet more scarves

I found some drawer tidies from Ikea which are very good for the different categories of underwear but I still felt I needed to reduce the amount of things. I had (and still have!) so many scarves. Here the summery ones are on the right and the more wintry ones are in the t-shirt drawer. I really love scarves and can’t resist buying them, but I really don’t need so many.

The last drawer, odds and ends, looks like this:

Bags, hairdyer etc

Here are bags, sponge bags, swimsuits, the hairdryer, backpack and gloves along with some other bits and bobs. Again, I could now see clearly what I have.

So, overall I was pleased with this method but I still wanted to reduce the amount of clothing and I still had a lot of t-shirts, bags and other things that I didn’t wear or use very often. So, I took them out of the drawer and laid them out on my bed as they were and took out the ones that I hadn’t worn for about two or three years.

Clothes for Sorting

I had about 9 long sleeved t-shirts, 4 evening t-shirts, 18 short sleeved and sleeveless t-shirts, 12 cami tops, 7 pairs of shorts and 6 sports t-shirts. I reduced these down to 7 long sleeved, 2 evening, 8 short sleeved and sleeveless t-shirts, 7 cami tops, 3 pairs of shorts and 5 sports t-shirts. Now my t-shirt drawer looks like this:

New t-shirt drawer

So 49 tops reduced to 29 and 7 pairs of shorts reduced to 3. About 50%. Still more to do – shoes, jumpers, jeans…

(All clothes I didn’t keep were donated to charity unless too worn).

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